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How export and import saiku files on Pentaho 5

After install saiku plugin for Pentaho 5 available on marketplace, by default isn't possible export the saiku files (".saiku").

So, in this post I'll explain the configuration you need to do for have this feature.
  1. Stop your pentaho server;
  2. Open the file <pentaho-path>/biserver-ce/pentaho-solutions/system/importExport.xml;
  3. Add "<entry key="saiku" value-ref="streamConverter"/>" to convertersMap map;
  4. Add "<entry key="saiku" value="text/xml"/>" to the map of NameBaseMimeResolver bean;
  5. Add "<value>.saiku</value>" to the list approvedExtensionList;
  6. Start pentaho server again and try download one saiku file. 
As an example I leave this link for the file, after configured.