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Pentaho overview using MongoDB (Oporto MUG #2)

I'm writing this post for share the presentation and resources of my talk on the second meetup Oporto MongoDB User Group. The talk consist on demonstrate the integration between Pentaho and MongoDB, on the three aspects: ETL, Reporting and Dashboarding.
Look the presentation:

The data I use is just for demonstration, I didn't care with performance, content or data quality, the goal are just demonstrate how you can integrate Pentaho with MongoDB with simple examples. And show the potential and how easy is integrating with other systems, in this case Google Maps API.

In resume, if you want integrate Pentaho with MongoDB, there're two options for do it:
  • ETL: With Pentaho Data Integration (aka kettle) you can use the "MongoDB input" and "MongoDB output" steps for get and save data. The ETL transformations can be use on Pentaho Reporting or CDE using CDA.
  • Programming: This is the best choose for me because I'm familiar with Java development. I know, using ETL steps is more intuitive but as any platform or product, you have more performance if you design exactly what you want. So, in ETL for programming you can use the "User Defined Java Class" step. In Report designer you can use the option Scriptable or a MongoDB datasource. Finally, in dashboards using CDE, that's use CDA for data access, you can use the "scriptable over scripting" datasource and the language beanshell, for example.

This is the link with resources of presentation. Note: You need be familiar with configuration those resources to works fine.