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Pentaho Data Integration notifier job state

This a little sample how create a job notifier of another job is terminated with error or success.
The first step is create a job sample that represents job of ETL process (for example, a job that is responsible to populate DW).

Create a job example

The first step is create a transformation that receive from ${VALUE} variable and if that value match with 'Y' the transformation execute successfully else ${VALUE} have a different value of 'Y' the transformation execute with error.
See the following transformation workflow:

The second step is create job that execute the above transformation. See the following job workflow:

Create the main job

Create a transformation notifier

In this transformation you'll need define how you can be notified. In this sample you would be notified by email, android push notification (using PDI Manager) and apple push notification (is a new plugin, will be available in the few days).
Transformation receive a parameter that indicate if ETL executes with success or not. And basis on that, the message notification alters.
See the following ETL workflow:

Create a job notifier

This job is responsible to execute any job on same folder, what you need is pass by parameter the job name that you want execute. If the job run with success he'll execute above transformation passing 'Success' on parameter STATE.
See the following job workflow:

See the following how execute the job:

You can download all files on this in this link (note: you need configure the file).