Monday, March 18, 2013

PDI Android Push Notifications Plugin is available on Pentaho Marketplace

Android Push Notifications StepIs a week a go that PDI Android Push Notifications Plugin is available on Pentaho Marketplace. The current version is 0.9-GA.

More surprises are coming.

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  1. Nice post with great details. I really like your inspiration.

    emergency notification

  2. Hi,

    this looks amazing. I would like to know if this is compatible with C2DM or just GCM?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Philipp,

      Is just compatible with GCM because C2DM is deprecated.


  3. Hello Joel , Congratulations on your work . I'm hum Problem , When I send a message only visualize a notification , When I click In it opens the IDP Manager , but leave I do not see anything. What happens ? And How Can I have My Own Key API? Thank You for Attention!

    1. Hi Jamerson,

      The PDI Manager is a simple App and a proof of concept (as far, I'm not an Android developer), that just helps me learn android. So, the app it self have some issues for parsing the data from the push notification, that's your issue (remember this was developed in spare time for fun). However, the PDI step is working, the idea of the push notifications step isn't not just for work with PDI manger but for any Android or Apple app. Not sure how you want to use the push notification but use can use the PDI for send push and develop an app for receive.

      Let me know your thoughts.


    2. About the Key API, have a look in in the following pages:

    3. Obrigado pela atenção e vou estudar sobre app android, você tem algum indício de por qual motivo a notificação não vai para tela?

    4. Just keeping in English for the others can read it. But the issue is because I have some code hardcoded, in special the fields name don't have any validation, for example if you have a uppercase string field probably will not display nothing. It's all about the Android app. I have been developing a second version for a better concept but I still too far for what I want (and again I'm doing in spare time).

  4. Hi Joel, I am new to PEntaho and came across your Push Notification Plugin! I would like to try it but do not have installation instructions. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks...Rene (

  5. All good! I found your notes published on another site which gave explicit instructions on installation and use. Thank you very much for your contribution to Pentaho. I am excited to evaluate your plugin! Rene